Why believe in astrology?

Science has given Astrology a bad name.  Many people see it  as nothing more than fortune telling, and that’s largely the fault of the daily newspaper horoscope. The daily horoscope has nothing to do with real astrology. First of all, it’s based on only the “sun sign”. You know, when you say you are an Aquarius, you’re talking about just one aspect of you. And yes, that’s My sun sign. Ruled by the planet Uranus, we are eccentric, different, non-conformist. Uranus rotates at a different angle than all the other planets. That kind of says it all.

First let me explain that the planets do not Make us behave in a certain way. Rather, they reflect or symbolize the way we are. “As above, so below”. Planetary energies are felt inside of us- our bodies, our emotions, and our behavior. Just like the moon affects gravity and the tides, it affects our moods and emotions. Makes sense,  since our bodies are made up of mostly water! Those of us who have an especially strong moon position and aspects (like me) are especially moody and changeable. We feel the moon’s influence more than most other people.

When scientist friends say, it makes no sense that such and such planet would affect the way we act (and even Look) After all, it’s so many miles away. I tell them, it doesn’t matter if we can’t explain how it works exactly. It works. Just like hypnosis, black holes, and various other mysterious phenomena, it doesn’t matter if we can’t explain the mechanism of affect. We observe the phenomenon, and we experience the effects. We test out the theory in our lives, and we see that it works! And I’ve been observing and researching this stuff for over 25 years. I never accept something just because I’ve read it in a book or someone told me it’s true. It works in my life and my experience, and it keeps astounding me with it’s accuracy.

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